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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Cast

  • Peter: Jacob Poet
  • Susan: Sara Poet
  • Edmund: Atticus May 
  • Lucy: Lily Phillips    Understudy – Hadley Blake
  • Professor: Jeff Poet
  • Snow Queen: Brooklynn Bennett
  • Mr. Tumnus: Kyrie Williams
  • Mr. Beaver: Claire Phillips 
  • Mrs. Beaver: Jessica Halter
  • Maugrim The Wolf: Caleb Keling
  • Wolves: Sydney Bennett, Lauren Durkin   
  • Snowflakes: Gracie Phillips, Reese Hardy, Claire Phillips, Ella Anthony, Jessica Halter, Katie Wise, Lillie Dodge, Mandy Wilson, Alexis Peterson, Sydney Bennett   Understudy – Claire Cathcart

  • Aslan the Lion: Joseph Pilgram
  • White Deer: Lauren Durkin
  • Centaur: Caleb Keling
  • White Witch: Megan Chiles
  • Turkish Delight: Katie Wise
  • White Reindeer: Raegan Stevens, Claire Cathcart
  • Robin: Gracie Phillips
  • Trees: Weston Lindstrom, Reese Hardy, Jessica Halter 
  • Tree Sprites: Hadley Blake, Madison Anderson, Alice Brewka
  • Water Nymphs: Lillie Dodge, Carter Shreve, Sydney Bennett, Raegan Stevens
  • Reindeer: Lyric Williams-McGuire, Raegan Stevens, Ella Anthony, Claire Cathcart.    Understudy – Kyrie Williams

  • Animals: Madison Anderson, Hadley Blake, Nevada Brewka, Hannah McBride, Emmaleigh Dinning, Sophia Fuller
  • Father Christmas: Jeff Poet
  • Flowers: Jessica Halter, Reese Hardy, Lauren Durkin, Ella Anthony, Kyrie Williams, Katie Wise, Claire Phillips, Carter Shreve, Brooklynn Bennett, Lillie Dodge, Claire Cathcart 
  • Hags: Lyric Williams-McGuire, Reese Hardy, Brooklynn Bennett, Katie Wise, Alexis Peterson, Claire Phillips. Understudy – Carter Shreve



World War II air raids on London send four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, to the country home of an old professor. They discover an old wardrobe and the magical passageway into a land called Narnia. Lucy is the first one to venture through the wardrobe and meets Mr. Tumnus, the faun. He tells her about Narnia, a peaceful and beautiful place, alive with nymphs, sprites, talking trees, and friendly animals, but it has been frozen into an eternal winter by the evil White Witch who calls herself the Queen of Narnia. When Lucy returns to the professor’s house, it seems no time had passed at all. Her sister and brothers do not want to believe her story of a magical land through the wardrobe.


Edmund ventures through the wardrobe and meets the White Witch. She entices him into her service with a box of delicious sweet candy called Turkish Delight. She asks Edmund to bring his brother and sisters back to her castle. Upon return to the professor’s house, Edmund betrays Lucy by denying his experience. Not knowing who is telling the truth, Peter and Susan seek the professor’s advice. He surprises them arguing Lucy may be telling the truth.


When all four children journey through the wardrobe, they discover the Queen has arrested Mr. Tumnus on treason charges. A friendly Robin, helps the children set out to rescue Mr. Tumnus. They are led to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver who explain to save Tumnus, they must journey to the Stone Table and meet Aslan, the lion. Rumor has it Aslan, the King of the woods, has returned to settle with the Queen. But he needs the help of the four children to fulfill an old prophecy when two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve sit on the thrones of Cair Paravel, the evil regime of the Witch will be overthrown. The power of the Witch makes Edmund slip out of the Beavers’ house and back to her castle. 

Peter, Susan, and Lucy meet Father Christmas on their way to the Stone Table. He gives them gifts of great significance: a sword for Peter, a horn for Susan, and a small bottle of cordial so magical a few drops will heal the wounded. This is the first sign the Witch’s power is weakening. Along with their new animal friends, they dance a holiday polka.



The arrival of Spring, winter snow melts, streams flow, and the fragrance of flowers make the children dizzy. Into this reawakening of the earth comes Aslan, the lion. Lucy tells him about Edmund. Aslan promises to do all he can to save him. Susan, with her new horn, warns everyone of approaching wolves. Reluctant to fight, Peter finds strength and with his sword kills Maugrim, the Witch’s favorite wolf. 

When Edmund, begs forgiveness from his siblings, he is followed by the Witch, who sees her slain wolf. 

The Witch demands Edmund’s life for his betrayal and according to the Deep Magic she set upon Narnia, every traitor belongs to her. Aslan compromises with the Witch and offers his own life in place of Edmund’s. The triumphant Witch and followers torment, humiliate, and finally kill Aslan as Susan and Lucy secretly watch from a distance. 

Susan and Lucy stay with Aslan mourning his death. The Robin appears and removes the ropes from the lion’s wrist and ankles. Amazingly, Aslan comes back to life and stands before them. He explains though the Witch knew of the Deep Magic, a Deeper Magic exists and says when an innocent victim is killed instead of a traitor, the Stone Table would crack and Death would be undone. 

Aslan breathes life back into the stone creatures, including Lucy’s old friend Tumnus. The Witch’s army appears, and a huge battle ensues between the two forces. After defeating the Witch’s army, the four children are crowned, and ascend the thrones of Cair Paravel. Everyone celebrates the new Kings and Queens of Narnia along with the return of the White Deer, who will grant all your wishes if you catch it!