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Teaching the art, discipline, and joy of dance for over 35 years.

DACPAC – Dance Arts Center Performing Arts Company

Cast photo of The Dark Fairy performed in 2019.

DACPAC Mission Statement: To bring inspiration and education to aspiring dancers; opening opportunities for additional performances, competitions and dance education. Dancers must achieve an accomplished level of study and skills to be eligible. Participation requires dancers to be proficient in at least one of the following dance forms: Ballet, Jazz, or Tap. 


Competition Team

Dancers have the opportunity to perform solos, duos, trios, small groups and large groups at regional competitions.

DACPAC 2019 – 2020

Congratulations to our DACPAC Team! We are so excited for our new season!  

  • Haley Ames        
  • Olivia Beaver            
  • Chloe Buhman    
  • Elliot DeSchepper 
  • Ali Everett        
  • Jaydaci Garcia-Williams     
  • Ella Ham     
  • Zoey Hawkins
  • Jace Keling           
  • Briley Lindstrom        
  • Mollie Miller             
  • Piper Newey             
  • Avery Pasley    
  • Ella Quick           
  • Brianna Rosenthal         
  • Brynlee Safley 
  • Malia Safely          
  • Kaitlyn Sale         
  • Elina Sherman            
  • Hadlee Shreve             
  • Lily Velezquez          


Performance Team

Dancers have the opportunity to perform on-stage in a live, original dance production.

In 2018, DACPAC presented The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and in 2019 presented The Dark Fairy.

We will perform The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe again on March 7 – 8, 2020 at the Historic Missouri Theater.

Congratulations to our cast members for our 2020 production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. 

  • Peter: Jacob Poet
  • Susan: Sara Poet
  • Edmund: Atticus May 
  • Lucy: Lily Phillips    Understudy – Hadley Blake
  • Professor: TBD 
  • Snowflakes: Gracie Phillips, Reese Hardy, Claire Phillips, Ella Anthony, Jessica Halter, Katie Wise, Lillie Dodge, Mandy Wilson, Alexis Peterson, Sydney Bennett   Understudy – Claire Cathcart
  • Snow Queen: Brooklynn Bennett
  • Mr. Tumnus: Kyrie Williams
  • Trees: Weston Lindstrom, Reese Hardy, Jessica Halter    Understudy – Carter Shreve
  • Tree Sprites: Hadley Blake, Madison Anderson, Alice Brewka
  • Water Nymphs: Lillie Dodge, Carter Shreve, Sydney Bennett, Raegan Stevens
  • White Deer: Lauren Durkin
  • Centaur: Caleb Keling
  • White Witch: Megan Chiles
  • Turkish Delight: Katie Wise
  • White Reindeer: Raegan Stevens, Claire Cathcart
  • Robin: Gracie Phillips
  • Mr. Beaver: Claire Phillips 
  • Mrs. Beaver: Jessica Halter
  • Maugrim The Wolf: Mandy Wilson
  • Wolves: Sydney Bennett, Lauren Durkin    Understudy – Caleb Keling
  • Reindeer: Lyric Williams-McGuire, Raegan Stevens, Ella Anthony, Claire Cathcart.    Understudy – Kyrie Williams
  • Animals: Madison Anderson, Hadley Blake, Nevada Brewka, Hannah McBride, Emmaleigh Dinning, Sophia Fuller
  • Father Christmas: TBD
  • Flowers: Jessica Halter, Reese Hardy, Ella Anthony, Kyrie Williams, Katie Wise, Claire Phillips, Carter Shreve,  Mandy Wilson, Brooklynn Bennett, Lillie Dodge, Claire Cathcart   Understudy – Lauren Durkin
  • Aslan the Lion: Joseph Pilgram
  • Hags: Lyric Williams-McGuire, Reese Hardy, Brooklynn Bennett, Katie Wise, Alexis Peterson, Claire Phillips     Understudy – Carter Shreve