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Teaching the art, discipline, and joy of dance for over 34 years.

Dance Instruction

All dance classes are taught by adult instructors with years of experience. They make classes fun and genuinely care about our students. 

Many of our instructors have earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance and hold certifications from national dance organizations. 

The Dance Arts Center is a member of the Dance Masters of America Heart of America Chapter 28. Our family-friendly studio helps dancers learn and grow in a positive, challenging environment. 


Dance Instructors / Office Staff

Megan Bartlett

Arial Buback

Mikka Elo

Angie Fisher

Marla Heeler, Owner

Loralyn Jenkins

Kealey Mathieson

Kara McGhee

Lexi Pardee

Courtney Rastorfer

Lisa Redfield-Proctor

Annie Schmerber

Heather Seiter

Susan Shuman

Crissy Troyer

Terzah Wright

Brandi Keling, Office Manager



Tuition is based on a 36 week session. A $15.00 registration fee per student (not to exceed $45 per family) and a tuition payment is required to secure class placement.

Tuition is based per family for a 36 week session and applies to 45 minute and 1 hour classes.

  • 1 class per week – $40 / month 
  • 2 classes per week – $70 / month 
  • 3 classes per week  – $95 / month 
  • 4 classes per week  – $105 / month 
  • 5 – 9 classes per week  – $115 / month 
  • 10+ classes per week  – $125 / month 

Tuition is not reduced due to missed classes. Missed classes should be made up. No tuition refunds will be given after the session has started. 

Costume Fees

Recital costume fees are per class/class level enrolled in. Fees include all pieces – tights, 

head-piece, and accessories. 

Your child’s costume fees must be paid in full before it is ordered. 

  • Combo Classes – $65 
  • Pre-Ballet, Pre-tap to Level 2 – $65 
  • Levels 3 and up – $75 
  • Contemporary – $75 
  • Pointe – $75 
  • Boy’s costumes – $40 
  • Boy’s Hip Hop – $65 each 
  • Boy’s Musical Theater – $65 each

We recommend you make payments September thru December. Costume fees may be added to your automatic debit plan.

  • Receive a 5% discount if Costume Fee is paid in full by  October 6, 2018! 
  • Costume fees must be paid in full by December 8, 2018! 

Attendance / Weather / Conduct


Students are expected to attend all classes and make up those they miss. Please notify the office when your child will be absent from class. An absence may be made up any time within the current semester either in the same level or a lower level. Students unable to participate physically in class are encouraged to observe to reinforce the learning process. Tardy students may be asked to observe class.

Weather Cancellations

We will post weather-related class cancellations on our website. Dance classes are NOT always cancelled when school is cancelled due to weather. 

Please check the website or call the office 

at 816-233-5442. We also notify local media outlets regarding cancellations.


The Dance Arts Center reserves the right, after consultation with parent, to suspend or dismiss, with no tuition refund, any student whose attitude, attendance, or conduct is deemed unsatisfactory or dangerous to themselves or others. 


Payments may be made annually (5% discount) or monthly. An additional 5% discount is available when paying with cash. 

Monthly payments are due the first of each month. A $15.00 late fee will be applied to any payments made after the 10th of the month. A $25.00 service fee will be charged for any returned checks. 

For your convenience, we offer an automatic debit payment plan. Easily create your account online and then enter your debit card information allowing your account to be charged on the first of each month. 

Online payments can also be made by credit card. Just log into your account with your user name and password. 

Rehearsal Fee

A $15.00 per dancer rehearsal fee is due with your costume payment. This fee helps off-set rental, insurance, and staff costs for Staging Rehearsals and Dress Rehearsals at the Missouri Theater during the weeks prior to our concert .


Staging rehearsals are held at the Missouri Theater beginning Memorial Day, May 27. 

Dress Rehearsals will be Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2. Dancers are required to attend dress rehearsals.


Parents are asked to attend both staging rehearsals and dress rehearsals. 

Class Level Advancement

Dance levels do not mirror school level and students do not automatically advance to the next level each year. Our goal is to ensure students master proper techniques and have the necessary strength to perform certain steps or combinations before progressing to the next level. Correct technique is critical to meet the demands of the next level in the curriculum.


A student’s recommendation may ask they take two levels of a dance style. Often, working in two levels simultaneously, dancers see improvement in their technique, strength, and confidence. 

We recommend most students double-up and/or repeat a level at some point. After a couple of months of class, students are evaluated in both levels by the instructors and Ms. Marla. Then, 

a decision is made if the previous level can be dropped or if the dancer needs to continue with the previous level. 


Your privacy is important to us. The Dance Arts Center, LLC agrees not release any information provided by you to any outside organization without your consent.

Additional Information

Please call our office at 816-233-5442 if you need any additional information.