DACPAC Warm ups

I will be ordering DACPAC Warm ups on August 27th.  Payments are due upon arrival.  











Parent Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent meeting this past Saturday.  I appreciate the input from everyone and for filling the fundraiser sign up so quickly.  Warm up payments will be due when your warm ups arrive! 


DACPAC Dance Lists

These are the competition dances for the 2010-2011 season.  The first schedule is listed on the DACPAC calendar.  Dance styles will be listed on the calendar.

Hercules- Terzah & Angie             Ordinary Miracles - Terzah                Run the Show - Heather

Taiya Bryant                                           Sarah Evans                                      Bailey Fry

Abbey Chauvin                                       Bailey Fry                                           Haley Grier

Hadley Golden                                        Ashley Gardner                                  Rollens Hardy

Liza Heeler                                             Hope Gardner                                    Anya Hopkins

Tom Lasater                                           Liza Heeler                                      Anna Pankiewicz

Kadi Lawrence                                       Anya Hopkins

Lauren Redfield                                     Allison Root                              

Mikinzie Shelley

Megan Sobetski


What's a Girl Gotta Do? - Sara/Marla   Legally Blonde- Kristin   Footprints in the Sand - Sara/Marla

Breanna Baker                                         Kathryn Bodicky                   Breanna Baker

Ariel Cook                                                 Noelle Cook                         Kathryn Bodicky

Arianna Davis-Williams                          Arianna Davis-Williams              Taiya Bryant

Courtney Evans                                       Courtney Evans                     Abbey Chauvin

                                                                 Sarah Evans                         Ariel Cook

Bailey Fry                                                 Bailey Fry                               Noelle Cook

Hope Gardner                                          Ashley Gardner                    Arianna Davis-Williams

Kathryn Gardner                                       Hope Gardner                      Courtney Evans

Rollens Hardy                                           Kathryn Gardner                    Sarah Evans

Hannah Heck                                             Haley Grier                           Bailey Fry

Anya Hopkins                                           Rollens Hardy                       Ashley Gardner

Tom Lasater                                             Hannah Heck                        Hope Gardner

Hannah Morrey                                        Liza Heeler                           Kathryn Gardner

Paige Musser                                        Jacqueline Hepburn                   Hadley Golden

Abby Norcross                                         Paige Musser                         Haley Grier

Allison Root                                             Abby Norcross                        Rollens Hardy

Megan Steele                                         Olivia Norcross                         Hannah Heck

                                                               Anna Pankiewicz                       Liza Heeler

                                                               Lauren Redfield                       Anya Hopkins

                                                               Allison Root                             Tom Lasater

                                                              Isa Seiter                                Kadi Lawrence

                                                              Mikinzie Shelley                       Hannah Morrey

                                                              Megan Sobetski                         Paige Musser

                                                              Megan Steele                          Abby Norcross

                                                                                                             Olivia Norcross

                                                                                                            Anna Pankiewicz

                                                                                                             Lauren Redfield

Allison Root

                                                                                      Mikinzie Shelley

                                                                                                            Megan Sobetski

                                                                                                            Megan Steele

                                                                                                              Isa Seiter

                                                                                                            Jacqueline Hepburn


DACPAC Meeting

Reminder - There will be a parent/dancer meeting Saturday August 14th from 1 - 2:30pm at the studio.

See you there!



Registration is this Thursday - just as a reminder pointe does not count as a second ballet class.

See you soon

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