Lion Witch Wardrobe Cast List

Lion Witch Wardrobe - Cast List

Cast List is still somewhat subject to change once the choreographers arrive or due to costume change issues - Not all understudies have been decided but will added soon.


Peter: Caleb

Susan: Ffiona Stone

Lucy: Claire Phillips (Understudy:

Edmund: Jake Poet


Snow Queen: Liza (Understudy:Brooklynn B.)

Snowflakes: Izzy Markt, Lillie Dodge, Emily Lower,Brooklynn Bennett, Ruby Jenco, Katie Wise, Sydney Bennett, Gracie Phillips, Grace Ham, Kealey Mathieson


Tumnus: Mandy Wilson (Understudy: Grace Ham)


Trees: Alexis Peterson - Ruby Jenco - Kealey Mathieson


Tree Spirits: Elle Anthony - Sydney Hagey, Brooklyn Hagey (Understudy: Jaclyn McClendon)


Water Nymphs: Abby Caldwell, Izzy Markt, Katie Wise, Jaclyn McClendon (Understudy:


White Deer: Emily Lower (Understudy:

Centaur: Joe Pilgram


White Witch: Megan Bartlett (Understudy: Kealey Mathieson)

Turkish Delight: Brooklynn Bennett (Understudy:

White Reindeer: Jessica Halter - Rebecca White


Robin: Lillie Dodge (Understudy: Mandy Wilson)


Mr. Beaver: Lyric Williams-McGuire

Mrs.Beaver:Kyrie Williams

(Understudy both Beavers:Sydney Bennett)


Maugrim The Wolf: Ruby Jenco

Wolves: Emily Lower - Liza Heeler

(Understudy All Woves:


Reindeer: Jessica Halter - Rebecca White - Gracie Phillips - Alexis Peterson

Animals: Carter Shreve - Jaclyn McClendon - Sydney Hagey - Raegan Stevens- Lauren Durkin - Elle Anthony


Flowers: Liza Heeler - Brooklynn Bennett - Ruby Jenco - Grace Ham - Izzy Markt - Emily Lower - Kealey Mathieson - Abby Caldwell - Kyrie Williams -


Hags: Izzy Markt - Grace Ham - Kealey Mathieson - Jaclyn McClendon - Brooklynn Bennett - Sydney Bennett




DACPAC Members 2015- 2016!

Congratulations to this years DACPAC members.  

Exact pieces that you are in will be emailed to you in the next two weeks and several of the pieces will be getting started soon! We will need to have a jacket sizing meeting soon. :)

We will have a parent meeting in August to set competition and convention dates.  Remember that payment plans will need to be set up by the 1st of August.  

We look forward to an exciting year with lots of great dancing!


Bennett Brooklynn
Bennett Sydney

Bradley Gracie
Brunner Elizabeth
Brunner Rachel
Buhman Chloe
Caldwell Tayla
Caldwell Tessa
Cobb Angela
Conz Riley
Dodge Lillie
Durkin Lauren
Emmendorfer Claire
Evans Michael
Ewing TaShyia
Grier Haley
Haertling Korinn
Hagey Brooklyn
Hagey Sydney
Halter Jessica
Ham Grace
Hardy Reese
Heeler Lily
Heeler Liza
Lower Emily
Markt Izzy
May Estelle
McBride Hannah
Miller Katie
Phillips Claire
Phillips Gracie
Phillips Lily
Randoph Brianna
Redfield Lauren
Schieber Emma
Seiter Isabel
Stevens Raegan
Sullivan Lily
Swink Lorna
White Rebecca
Williams Ari
Williams Kyrie
Williams Lyric


2014 - 2015 DACPAC MEMBERS

Congratulations to this years new members.  The exact pieces you are in will be emailed to you by Friday at 7pm.  
There will be a parent/dancer meeting on Saturday September 6th 12:15 - 1:00.
There will be rehearsals following the meeting - an exact schedule will be posted on the dacpac facebook page and emailed out to all members by this Friday August 29th.
We will also take a company picture on Saturday the 6th.  Girls please wear black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and hair in a bun.   Boys wear black pants, white t-shirt and black shoes.
All company members will have all company rehearsal Saturday September 20th please plan for most of the day and some time on Sunday afternoon as well.
We are really looking forward to this year!! 
  1. Brooklyn Bennett  

  2. Elizabeth Brunner

  3. Rachel Brunner

  4. Taiya Bryant

  5. Alyssa Caldwell

  6. Tayla Caldwell

  7. Tessa Caldwell

  8. Angela Cobb

  9. Lillie Dodge

  10. Michael Evans

  11. Sarah Evans

  12. Madelyn Fuller

  13. Haley Grier

  14. Lily Heeler

  15. Liza Heeler

  16. Caleb Keling

  17. Emily Lower

  18. Lyric Williams-McGuire

  19. Lillion Meyer

  20. Madison Meyer

  21. Katie Miller

  22. Lauren Redfield

  23. Allison Root

  24. Emma Schieber

  25. Isabel Seiter

  26. Megan Sobetski

  27. Reagan Stevens

  28. Lorna Swink

  29. Rebecca White

  30. Arianna Davis-Williams

  31. Kyrie Williams

  32. Kirsten Woodruff

  33. Ramsay Younger

  34. Rylinn Younger


December Rehearsals!

Be sure to check the calendar for updates!!



Mall Performance!

We will be performing at the mall on November 4th at 2pm.  This will be a Christmas performance so we will perform Surfin' Santa along with a few solos that are finished.  We will review/learn this dance on Saturday, Oct 20th from 1pm-2pm.  This will push other rehearsals back one hour - Ay Caramba will be 2-3 and Electric Ave will be 3-4.  All other rehearsals will be at their usual times.